Spring daffs 2Hello,

What’s new… You can find out what plants we’re bringing on at Longdendale Nursery and we’ll let you know what’s looking great in High Peak gardens and allotments .

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It’s a good time for all you hardy gardeners to repair or start thinking about new boarders and hedges .When the garden is all cleared for winter you can really see the shape. We’ve got some fantastic architectural plants such as Laurel and box hedging to give structure and instant impact. While still in their post you can dot them around to get a sense of how your garden will look. I can advise you on planting out and settling them in to their new soil.

Lots of plants have lost their flowers and leaves by now, but they’ll be back again next year when they wake up in the spring! We’ve got lots of bargains as well as seasonal wreaths and a beautiful selection of memorial displays for your loved ones so pop along to see us. THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT AND THE PHOTO BELOW WERE USED IN THE GRANADA REPORTS WEATHER PHOTOS  FOR TUESDAY 12th JANUARY 2010. This shot taken on January  7th 2010.

Even with 2009 & 2010’s deep snow and prolonged frosts we brought on a fantastic collection of herbacious perennials for all our High Peak customers. Lots of holiday visitors to the area benefit from our hardy plants too.

Don’t forget there’s plenty to do in and around the garden this week even if the nights are drawing in, don’t neglect those tender plants get them under a fleece / cloche.  Always thinking ahead we are planning a best in show table for what’s looking great each month as well as a mini veg patch display for those who want to try out veg plants for the first time.

We’ll get your plants ready to survive the High Peak weather. When you plant them out all they’ll need is a little TLC.  Happy gardening.