Our Veg plants have grown well this year. We know you like them too because sales are up.

Veg is great for all of us and at its best picked fresh. We love it when our customers report back on the lovely food they’ve grown.

For the seasoned grower and allotment holder we have some great High Peak crops. Tomatoes are a must have and always smell delicious. This year our Gardeners Delight tomatoes have been a triumph an in my opinion the best flavour of all, we’ll certainly be bringing these on again for spring. We’ll also have  moneymaker, allicante, ailsa craig,yellow sunrise and tumbler, (suitable for baskets) all strong  tomato plants and cheaper than most places esp for the quiality grown in our own compost.- not to be missed. A few of our tomato plants pictured below.!!!


We have a wide range of veg plants, usually ready from April depending on the weather. Remember Longdendale is in the High Peak so we can be a little bit later with our new plants. We catch up quickly with lots of lush and strong new stock. This year we’ve sold broad beans, cabbage (Golden  Acre),  spring cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, broccoli, purple broccoli, leeks, lettuce, onions, runner beans, peppers (YES PEPPERS) and courgettes.

It’s so simple everyone should try growing a little veg of their own. If you and your family want to try a veg patch for the first time why not pop along and see us at Longdendale Nursery? We’ll get you started with our Herb, Salad and Veg starter pack.

Our selection of veg plants, pictured below.!!!

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