Group shrubs 2Look at these fantastic autumn berries, what a colourful autumn show. When we start planting out a new garden we tend to focus on the summer flowering plants and colours because we all like to be out enjoying the sunshine. A more established garden will have something for every season. You can’t do everything at once, but a little friendly advice from Longdendale Nursery will go a long way to get the most out of the space you have.

This group of eight plants will soon fill an 8 sq ft flower bed (£55.00). With spring bulbs in between to complement the green foliage you can soon build your all season garden. Visit the nursery for more ideas and don’t let the weather put you off gardening. You’ll really deserve that cuppa and a slice of cake once you’ve planted this lot out!

Shrubs will give your garden structure. Evergreens such as Laurel (mature plants pictured below) with its dark green waxy leaves make a fantastic backdrop for your planting scheme.

Large Laurel

The great thing about Laurel is that it’s quick growing and gives you great coverage. These mature plants are ready to go! They’re ideal for hedging. So come along and collect yours today – the large ones will be gone soon. Don’t worry we will be growing on another batch!

You certainly don’t have to be too gentle with Laurel. This is why it’s a real favorite for landscaping public buildings parks and gardens. Tough stuff looks superbly healthy all year round and grows quick with dense coverage. No leaf clearing with this evergreen (hurrraayyy!) You can chop it back in to whatever shape you like and it just keeps on growing bigger and better.

Other great plants for good solid hedging include privet lonicera and box. As well as a nice square hedge, Box plants are great for clipping in to all sorts of shapes. If you’re feeling creative perhaps box is the plant for you, its slower growing but worth the wait.